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Are you someone who loves caring for and mentoring children?

This programme gives volunteers an opportunity to work at an orphanage or a shelter for homeless children. The children do not have parents and family that looks after them, and they receive all the care and love at the orphanage or shelter. The volunteer assists in the classroom by interacting with both the children and the workers at the orphanage. This is a perfect place for a person who loves caring for children and wants to assist in mentoring a child. As a volunteer you will collaborate with the staff to teach English language and help orphans with life skills which include administrative chores, activities in health education games, drawing and painting as well as personal hygiene.  

You can help children with sanitation issues such as: teeth brushing, hand washing, showering etc. you can also assist with their homework when they return from school.  Help with food distribution and teach them kitchen work/ duties. By working with orphaned children you will be moulding the young minds of talented and blossoming children. These children are in unfortunate positions and the impression that you leave on them will remain for the rest of their lives. Working at a Children’s home is a life changing experience for you and the children you are helping.

Children‘s Home and Shelter Assistance Programme

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