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Home Stays are a great way to immerse yourself and learn even more about the community and village where you will volunteer.  ZOTE Programs provide all volunteers with a unique opportunity to experience the local culture of family life.  

Home Stay families participating in ZOTE programs are furnished provide very basic amenities; room with a bed, desk, mirror.  Some families may have more amenities in their home than others.    Males and females are given separate rooms, unless they are travelling as a couple. Most volunteers will live with one family, neighbouring with other families hosting volunteers.  Meals are served at host home. Generally bread, cereals, fruit and eggs are available for breakfast; salad vegetables, cheese, and vegetarian dishes. Any reasonable requests for other foods are typically accommodated. Frequency of meals vary from family to family. Be prepared to eat local food, and what your family eats. We do not encourage families to change what they eat. They are however, provided extra food portions to feed an extra volunteer.  Volunteers participate in the food culture of their family by learning to cook some local foods.  Vegetarians are very welcome. ZOTE Projects and communities also does its utmost to cater for those with other special dietary requirements (e.g. wheat intolerance). We only ask that you indicate any conditions on your application form.  Tapped water is fine to drink. You may purchase bottled water in your community should you prefer.

Most families have in door in suite bathrooms for volunteers. Others have shared bathrooms, and some have an indoor pit toilet and a tub for taking bucket showers. Home Stay families maintain a reasonable standard of cleanliness in home surroundings, and oriented to provide volunteers with guidance around the home i.e. clothe washing, and cleaning.

Home stays make your ZOTE Volunteer experience very special and unique.   To determine where you want to volunteer, learn more about living in a rural area vs. urban township area.

Home Stays