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Social Change Programme

18 of July has been declared international Mandela day in honor of the former President Nelson Mandela. The main objective of Mandela day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better.  Ultimately it seeks to empower communities everywhere. Its slogan “Take action, inspire change, Make everyday a Mandela day” motivates people to keep helping others throughout the year. Its ethical framework is “service to one’s fellow human”

ZOTE gives 10 volunteers an opportunity to join the first Mandela service program for 2 weeks during June and July.  You will be a “changemaker” this a term used to describe a person who does volunteer work in the spirit of Madiba and his vision to spread justice and freedom and opportunity for all.

The Mzanzi Social Change Program allows you to work alongside other South Africans

For more information please email:

Engage in more than one service project in the communities where ZOTE operates.  If you are selected in this special programme, below are some activities you may be involved with:

Help out at an orphanage by doing chores

Offer to paint and renovate a shelter for the homeless

Help fix the playground at a daycare centre

Help paint and decorate a children’s ward at a local hospital

Spend time at a children’s ward in hospital talking to the children and assisting  the nurses

Spend a day with the elderly listening to their stories

Take a bag of toys to a local hospital’s ward or a daycare centre in a rural village

Read to someone who can’t read

Coach an extramural activity at a school

Help out at a local soup kitchen

You will assist in several of the following places, while living with a host family: Hospitals,  Hospices, University, Centre for the blind, Community pre - schools, Shelter for the homeless, Township Schools/Libraries, Village Schools , Children’s Home, Public Health, Prevention centers and   National Parks.