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For the past 7 years, communities in Venda and Soweto have benefited from ZOTE Leadership Team and ZOTE volunteers.  If you would like to work with ZOTE, South Africa and utilize the expertise of volunteers or university student groups consider the benefits below:

For Communities

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Schools and community centers will improve their English comprehension and literacy.

Learners and youth engage and converse regularly with volunteers and ultimately expand English comprehension and self-confidence in speaking.

Pre-schools or crèches benefits in areas of teacher training and hygiene processes. Many volunteers are interested in impacting early child-hood development and engage with children on a regular basis.

ZOTE Volunteers and Leadership are interested in the future of youth in your communities.  They are invested in an  increased number of children entering South African universities, passing and excelling to job prospects

Your community, school, or organization will increase knowledge of how  people  in other countries  live both for South Africa and foreign visitors.

ZOTE Volunteers will provide unlimited expertise across many disciplines such as English, Math, Science, Health and Wellness, Business Development.

ZOTE currently works in these locations:  Principal focal areas of operation are Manamani, Itsani and Mahematshena villages in Limpopo; Olivhenhoutbosch, Tshwane; Orlando West and Kliptown Soweto Township.  We are looking to work in communities throughout Africa.