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development Opportunities and life
 changing experiences

Volunteers that participate in ZOTE Volunteer Programme bring hope and realization that there is life beyond our villages and townships.   We welcome volunteers to our communities and together we will:

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Volunteer Programmes offered by ZOTE, South Africa

1. Children’s Home and Shelter Assistance    

2. Teaching Assistance and Cultural Learning     Read more

3. Crèche/ Day Care     Read more

4. Health and Wellness      Read more

Instil hope in rural and township communities through ZOTE volunteering programme and serve communities to the best of our abilities.

Mobilize schools, communities and community workers to work collectively against socio-economic issues and low standard education

Impact English literacy (reading and writing comprehension) in rural and township communities.

Encourage other people to volunteer in South Africa and make a contribution towards development by giving their time to work with the South African people and experience a lifestyle rich with culture.

Live, learn, and experience the culture and ways of diverse South African people

Conduct fundraising activities to assist with basic community needs.